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something real

observations & understandings

Dancing Pink
3 February 1989
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The name my parents gave me isn't important. Besides, it'll probably slip out later anyway. I'm an Australian student of eighteen years. I'm a strange girl: even my strange friends say that. I'm the person I want to be, not defined by any cultural genre. I was educated at home most of my life; now I'm finishing school and hoping to study filmmaking in the US. I'm fascinated by the sciences but they always get the better of me; the humanities often frustrate me about the pathetic ignorance of humanity; and so I generally prefer working with the arts. I like to be a piece of living, breathing art; not exactly about aesthetic appeal (though it's always fun expressing my personal interpretations of beauty), but it's about making a strong, interpretational statement. That said, I'm a goof, a dork. I don't take myself seriously and I laugh at the world that does. What else is there to say that matters? My identity should present itself clearly enough in what I write, anyway.
60s music, 70s music, 80s television, absurdism, absurdity, aesthetics, alternate history, alternative music, alternative philosophy, amateur film, anarchy, ancient pantheons, animation, anime, anthropology, archery, art, artificial intelligence, australian film, ballroom dance, beauty, black comedy, cartoony art, chaos, coding, computers, contemporary fantasy, counterculture, creative writing, cutesiness, cyberpunk, dance, design, determinism, digital art, doodling, dystopia, early film, eccentrics, elfpunk, epic poetry, etymology, everyday beauty, existentialism, experimental art, experimental film, fantasy, fencing, film noir, flash animation, girl rock, good science fiction, gothic lolita, history of language, html, humour, individualism, individuality, insanity, irony, j-pop, j-rock, lasertag, legends, logic, manga, martial arts, mecha, mentality, music, mythology, mythpunk, naturalism, neofatalism, neopaganism, noir, original fashion, original punk, paganism, paranormal romance, people, persuasive writing, philosophers, philosophy, photography, photomanipulation, plays, polyamory, programming, psychological thrillers, psychology, punk, quantum physics, relationships, retro culture, retro gaming, retrofuturism, robotics, rock, satire, sci-fi, science fantasy, sexuality, shakespearian english, simulation games, sketching, space opera, steampunk, swordfighting, tabletop roleplaying, the human condition, the internet, theatre, theology, transhumanism, urban fantasy, utopia, webcomics, webdesign